Airbag Repairs

Airbag Light is On

The airbag light is an indicator lamp on the dashboard to alert the driver (or passengers) to any problem that may occur in the airbag system, often referred to as the Supplemental Restraint System (SRS). The normal operating procedure for this lamp may vary slightly for each manufacturer, but most vehicles are similar.

When the key is turned to the on or start position, the system will engage in a self-test, illuminating the lamp for approximately six (6) seconds. After this test, if there are no faults, the lamp will turn “off”. It will remain “off” unless a problem occurs in the system.

The diagnostic computer, or “airbag control unit”, is constantly monitoring the system as long as the vehicle key is “on”. The system retains power even after the car is turned off by means of a capacitor. The airbag system will remain ‘live’ for approximately 2-10 minute after turning the vehicle off, depending on the manufacturer. This is designed so that if the vehicle loses power during a crash, the protection of the airbag system is still there.

If a fault occurs in airbag components, the wiring between any of them, or if the power circuit (or ground circuit) is interrupted, a fault code will be set and the airbag light will illuminate. If the airbag light circuit itself is damaged or becomes inoperative, some vehicles implement a tone warning system to indicate such a fault. The manufacturers take airbag fault codes and the SRS system itself very seriously. When the light or tone indicates a problem, it should be diagnosed and corrected to insure safe operation of the vehicle.

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SRS And Airbag Repairs

Airbags keep you alive…

We have built our reputation by providing specialized airbag repair and diagnostic services to our wholesale customers so they get cars repaired quickly, at a low cost, without compromising safety.

Our technicians diagnose airbag and electrical system problems. This specialization means we can quickly estimate airbag issues and often repair them for considerably less than your on-site repair facilities.

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The airbag electronic control unit (ECU), installed inside the cabin, determines the severity of a collision based on the signals from collision detection sensors. The airbag ECU then controls the optimal deployment of the airbags.

DENSO has developed an entire unit from sensors and ICs to the algorithm, providing a high-performance and reliable airbag ECU applicable to any type of vehicle.

Benefits and Features:

  • High reliability
  • Safe: Only when the igniting current flows through a mechanical safe sensor, is the inflator (gas generator) ignited to deploy the airbags.
  • Accurate: Our highly accurate semiconductor acceleration sensor can perform self-diagnostics to check for failure.

Brands we Repair Include: