Dashboard Repairs

Dashboard Repairs

Our services include the restoration of Dash boards depending on make and model. We are now able repair any condition of dashboard.

We provide a first-class service. Our service is a genuine and complete restoration by professional craftsmen. Your unit will be reconditioned, padded, shaped, and recovered with the best quality foam using our vacuum heat molding process. This process ensures that your unit will be finished to “as new” condition, in the color of your choice, at no additional cost!

Airbags and replacement parts for all cars and trucks. If you need a repair set of airbags for your steering wheel or dashboard we can provide you with a complete system at a price much less than your auto dealers.

We can install a set of airbags and pay much less than dealers list price. We buy, sell and repair airbags for all makes and models. Whether you have a car or truck that has been involved in an accident and you need to purchase a new set of car safety airbags with SRS module call us and one of our experienced installers will answer any questions you may have on how to install airbags. The driver steering wheel and passenger dashboard airbag system is guaranteed work done.

Auto parts and airbag modules aren’t the only parts we sell. We sell other parts for other vehicles. To order replacement parts view our catalog. We carry every part you need for your car. We work with insurance companies, salvage yards and collision repair shops. All of our vehicle airbags are used and cost much less than the car dealerships.

100% Satisfied Customer Example Repair

Before Dashboard Repair

After Dashboard Repair

We are not interested in crack-fill and cover or quick fixes, but a professional and genuine restoration. We offer our customers a 100% guarantee against faulty workmanship and materials!

Our turnaround time varies on the model of car and condition of dashboard. All units under repairable condition will be restored with best craftsman ship work, beyond un repairable dashboard can be changed with the exact same quality dashboards.

Please use our enquiry form to obtain a quote on your needs. Our initial estimate will be based on your unit being in what we deem to be restorable condition.

If preferred, you may contact us at either the email address, fax or phone number shown in contact page details.

Please don’t hesitate to contact for you inquiries, we can create the best solution for you.

Our quality finishing is our signature.

Brands we Repair Include: